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Free Art! *wile suplies last*

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just as practice for other species, more specifically feline, if you are up to the challenge, id like to see a different artists perspective on a pic of me and my mate being all cuddly and purry...mind you only if you have room.

me - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/983640/ - white toyger (white tiger/housecat mix)

my mate - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/984394/ - he's tiger/leopard/snow leopard

we're both almost the same height so dont worry too much about height differentials :)
Are you still Open?
If so...I have a cute character...
Flirty like expression please?




Nostalgia Rider
Are you still open? if you are good!

I want you to do an Age Regression sequence
and it must follow this story
After decades of fans and childhood laughter, Augie Doggie is left forever as a child and Doggie Daddy is worried that when Boomerang pulls the plug on their cartoons he will be alone, so from out of nowhere a fairy appears and Doggie Daddy wishes to be young again just like his son (Augie Doggie) the fairy grants his wish but, he finds out that his collar is getting bigger during the process. when the process is finished Doggie Daddy is now the same age and height (except he's a slight bigger than him) as his son and now their together whether Boomerang pulls the plug on them for a previously canned show from CN or not
(taste of what the post-process should-be: http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/7297/ardo4.jpg)

Please note: I know it's a big order, but I'm allowing you to take your time to make this the best as you possibly can
Not open for further replies.