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Free Art: Free Art :)


Hello there! I'm bored so I'm opening up free art requests lol, my art isn't that good, but I don't exactly have a proper art program soo-

I'm only open to doing icons/headshots right now, sorry ^^;

Here are a few examples

Note: I do not do NSFW or Gory art!! <3


Uh I don’t really have a fursona but I have this??


I like the drawing, and if you were down to draw something like it, that’d be cool. In human or some other species that you think would fit.
Hiya! I wanted to know if you could draw Doug? If you cant then thats fine!
Please and thank you! ^^


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What are the colors for ur person?
Oh maybe primarily like black, grey, red and white? I tried to kinda go for an e-boy kind of look. And I dunno, tan for the skin? That’s just assuming it’s human though, as I said a different species would be cool to perhaps.

does this mean you’ll draw mine??


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Cute artstyle, I am in... if you want to. I do not have a refernce sheet, but you can use my profile picture... even though it is not the best, I am still learning.