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Free Arts, 4 Slots


I'll draw about anything if it sounds like a fun idea to draw it.
Give me refs or whatever or i'll even do cartoon characters.
About the only thing i won't do is humans, and i might even make exceptions for that at times. And yeah, five slots.
1. Rayo [DONE!] http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5438709/
2. Sitka [Been done for ages....http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5466449/]
3. Zweihander [not started yet]
4. Tuss [not started yet]
5. KittyMoo[not started yet]

Also, it's free so no whining! Nobody likes whining!
Edit: I'm not doing anymore of them 'just standing there' drawings. So boring.
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Ooh, try my character Paola!

Ref in sig.


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Could you draw my fursonia? His name is Sitka and he is a teenage anthro lion with golden brown fur, brown eyes, and a large golden mane. He is anout 5'11" and slightly muscular.


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Okay sure i will.
But anything else/?
I'm not doing any of them 'just standing there posing' things.
Playing a video game, eating a food...anything?


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My gif animation doesn't work
How about Ray-O biting into a big delicious roast pork shoulder?


No plates or utensils or anything, just the pork shoulder whole. Ray-O don't need no stinkin' utensils!


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Could I have one of Tuss doing a handstand whilst balancing a spork on her tail and eating some Stilton cheese please? Oh yes, while wearing a top hat.
(Or one of those 3 things alone would work too :p)
That was awfully random :S

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