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Free arts!


Greetings ^^

Helly all peoples and I would like to say...

I am open for requests!

I will be the first to say I'm nothing special, but I'd like to practice and try new people and ideas.

I will say now, that two people are annoying to draw, and may not turn out well/at all. But I will try ^^

Also I'd like to note that I'm used to drawing cats. Cats. And cats.

Therefore, other things may be a challenge - but I'm looking for such!

Girls be warned, I rarely draw them.

If you still want to request me to draw something (absolutely free! Yay!)

Then drop me a not on my FA thingy, or leave something here.. note if it's here, I may not see it as quickly.

Here I be -----> http://www.furaffinity.net/user/karshari/

Enjoy! ^^


Cats then...how about my lioness character Tomew? She's a normal-colored lioness with blue eyes and a red Mohawk. Not a Fohawk. A real Mohawk.

I think you might have fun with that...if you want to try...


Oh my ^^

I'm glad to see these requests piling already! Yay!

I shall try to do my best.. but the results WILL vary, and coloring might happen... might not.

And Shenzi - Do they wear any clothing..? Or is she non-anthro? In which case she'll take me longer, but I'll try ^^

The order is...

1 - ZomgPwn

2 - Fu

3 - darkligress

4 - Shenzi

'Cause that's the order I saw them :p
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Draw the Fox in my avvy Pl0x, with A large leather belt with pouches it and a crusader shroud...like a cloak with a crusader style cross and some pants...w/e u like lol and umm...in belt a sword and a MAC 10 style gun...like an UZI if you can thank you so much pose looking kinda serious...please if you can...nobody ever haz drawn me :sad:


kk, quick request. My avatar, Anthro form with a spear or Glaive in his right hand-paw. <(*.*)> Hugs and kissies, stephen campbell (my god, im turning camp!)

PS: Keep the jeans and double the wingspan plz
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Few notes!

Because of the amazing outburst this caused, I must say that I'm not closing it, but I'm just warning at it'll take me some time... Not too much time to do them as I'm in school..

Number two! I like to do concepts first and have you tell me if I'm on the right track before I do anything that's real... it doesn't mean they'll stay in those clothes or poses.. just something you think I need to add or something. Or I'll ask on input. Legs, normally.

'Kay! With that out of the waaaay... I'd like to say...

The order is now...

1 - ZomgPwn - Concept

2 - Fu - Concept

3 - darkligress -Concept

4 - Shenzi - Need more details

5 - Hackfox

6 - German-Sheperd

7 - Runeaddyste

8 - Thietogreth

9 - GoreKitten

10 - StormKitten

~Huggs and kisses back to one and all~ ^^



One, I post the progress up here to show where I am.. if there's nothing by your name, I haven't done anything with it yet.

Two, I'll send you a note when I get both the concept art - to see if I'm anywhere close to what you like - is done, and ocne the actual picture is done.


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You want a challenge, you got one!

Here's a request

A Teenage Boy transforming into Scooby-Doo

Cause: Carnival Black Magic via a Gypsy

And to make it fair, you can choose to do it from either of these formats: sequence, comic or single frame


Heres a request:

A Wolf/Husky mix (male) with dark tan fur covering it's body but with
a patch pf white on the under body. He has dark blue eyes with a pair
of wire glasses,with a domestic husky like tail.
or what ever you like doing.


This post, 'cause I'm running out of time is only going to say what I just did.

Mkay - I have my own scanner now, so be happy and rejoice!

I'll also disappear at times 'cause of schoolwork.. so don't get impatient with me.. I also can't draw on the weeknds.

Sorry ^^;

Next, I have more concept thingies done...

I don't know how many there will be per person.. depends on when you (and I) like the product. ^^


I have more concept art, which is what that was from...


And I tried you again, Zomg... But it didn't work and I hated the smirk once I was done with it... AndI couldn't fix it. So I'll keep working on that.

People are still on my list, I just don't have the time to post them.

Sorry ^^;