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Free Arts!


Ok so i'm lacking inspiration and i want to draw things, so i'm offering free stuff!

I dunno how many will i do, it could be a few or more than a few lol. It could be a sketch, a colored drawing or maybe even i'll add a background! it's like a mystery box!

The thing goes like this, no yiff, no adult, digital only... final destination...

Don't expect mega uber awesome things, check out my gallery and you'll see what i'm capable of, and don't get offended if i decline your request, i don't really enjoy drawing things i don't like so excuse me for that. ;)

Oh and if you want to make it a trade instead, well, i'm ok with that. :smile:

-Working on:

Mrfurry - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2300204
Shindo - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2300224
xmana - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2311918/
Rezmatez Cabbit
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If you are still taking requests, or may have an opening on your waiting list, may I be able to get a full body art? Colored or sketch, the choice is yours completely:
the reference: I am femmy, hips, thighs and I have an ass as well.
y tail is very long and fox-like;almost 5 feet in length.

There are some adds though:
I have a bright blue choker with a silver circle tag.There is a band cuff in the top middle of each ear and hoops at the base of them, near my head. One my left ring finger is a ring. There are two gold loops around my ankles as well; one on each.

And for the pose; I give you free range to do any you like but would you use the shirt from this?

again I am a guy, though I'm shaped the same way - minus the breast of course.

If you don't feel like doing it or you have anything you want to clarify or say in regards to it; please, please, PLEASE don't hesitate to say it.
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Sup nerds
Could you draw my fursona? :3

He's a feline, about 5'5", he is completely white. He has bright green eyes and square glasses. The insides of his ears and his nose is pink. He has a rich brown leather color that is fairly loose around his neck, it has a small bronze plate on it with his name engraved in cursive on it. "Kyle".

His hair is a brown color, it's at average length, in the front it goes down to about eye-level, in the back it almost touches his shoulders. It's parted in the middle.

He wears skater pants or just the average pants with pockets at knee level, color doesn't much matter, preferably white or tan. He also wears long john thermal wear shirts under a T shirt, colors would be a whitish grey under shirt and a lighter green over shirt.

His build is average, almost no muscle mass, very fragile.

Thankees :3


oooh me? i dont have a ref but my avatar has everything you need to know, umm and yeah anthro pweeese

thanks lots i like your art


nice i like your work could you do a mini version of my fursona like your works? http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2198935/ he always wears a collar with a circle tag,. he would be wearing blue jeans with he knees cut out of them (if you can do that) and an opened white button up shirt. also he would have his sunglesses pushed up into his head fur. half of his tail is blue, and if you can make him be texting on blue cell phone please.

â„¢-Daley Leungsangnam475-â„¢

Red 'n' White Scouse Gamon ^_^
I might aswell get my New Fursona drawn ^^

Reference Picture
http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/5207/tglucariokoppy.jpg - The Plushie, not me ... but taller ... that's the Plushie I have of it ^^
It's a LiverBird, the Symbol of Liverpool, UK

and maybe he's holding a little Red & White Lucario in his paw/wing [Optional]
Can you draw her?She has ice like blue eyes,the hair is a bit more in her face but not quite as concentrated as emo.She only has one paw pad on her feet,they are ovular and baby pink in color,she does not have them on her hands. Her ears are larger and in in that shape but you can shrink them down a bit.^^; Her hands are humanoid and she has sharp claw/nails. Um her breasts are be size but don't be drawing any nipples >>;. If you accept this i'll give additional information. her markings,hair,and inner ears are the same color,black(like the darkest black you can come up with) Claws are also black. She has kinda rabbit like feet,not human like.(rest of her is light gray) Again,if you accept this,ask for what else you need to know.Her scar is burgundy and goes across her face in a diagonal fashion (as shown in pic) , I can't emphasize that enough.
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If you're still taking requests, could you draw my fursona?

Name: Brennan
Species: Raven
Age: 19
Height: Around 5' 6''
Feather color: Black (with a slight hint of blue)
Eye color: Yellowish orange
Markings: Dark gray marking around eyes
Clothes: Meh, doesn't really matter. Blue t-shirt? Jeans?

Here's a picture to give you a general idea about the eyes and markings around them. You can use my avatar as a guide for his basic shape and build.


I would like to reserve a spot for some nice free art. ill PM you my email since I dont have any referance art.


Death's Apprentice
If your not to busy I've got something to request

P.S. your capable of a lot :D


If your not to busy I've got something to request

P.S. your capable of a lot :D

so you are doing swords and things like that to!!:)
YAY im not the only one!!!!!:)

and yes i agre he is capable of a lot


Thanks a lot guys =3

Im going to finish these requests first, because i don't really want to have a bunch of things to do for now, i procrastinate a lot. So i'll see if i could do a couple more but only after finishing these.


Can yous draw her please?
Her neck is longer than that, one eye is purple, her tail is longer and thicker with a long blue spike at the end and four spikes before that. Her horns are like those of an antelope, and her ears are long and pointed with two piercings in the left ear. She carries a purple bladed sword with a black hilt.
Thank you!