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Free Cartoon Drawings


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Hello there!

My name is America and I am a cartoonist and new closet fur who has just joined furaffinity.net.

I would like to start taking commissions in the future but the problem is that no one knows who I am yet. Therefore, I need to build a small portfolio before offering commissioned work. I would like to invite anyone who is interested in a free cartoon drawing of their character contact me at americajonze (at) gmail.com with a reference. I will be happy to draw you for free if you allow me to post your drawing online! I will pick the most interesting characters to draw out of those suggested.

Here is a sample of my artwork: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2654282

Thank you for reading,


Beer, Beer, BEER!
I'd love to have you do a doodle of Kashi or me. Kashi most importantly, he needs art more than I do! References are in my signature here.



has an education to think of.


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Thank you for the warm welcome and emails, all! I am at work and have plans to see a film tonight so I may not respond to your email until tomorrow. I hope that's ok!



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Sent you an e-mail, America =) Sweet name, btw. I salute thee! *furrysalutes ju*