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Free Art: Free Character Art (Help Me Build Up A Portfolio!)


Hello There, Fellow Users of the Interwebs!~ The name is Sxtxrn (or Alien Cat) and I am very eager to start drawing some requests. Unfortunately however, I don't really have a very big portfolio developed, so I can't really provide any sample photos as of late. (Though) I am willing to draw practically anything and anybody, so long as you will have me!

I usually lean more towards a cartoony / anime-ish style over a realistic one, but I am always open to trying new things. (Although I can't promise my realism will be any good. lol)

So if you would like to enlist my services, please provide any and all relevant information about what you would like to have drawn! (For example, do you want NSFW or SFW? Do you want the picture to be Bust/Waist up, Fullbody, Lineart, E.t.c?)

(There used to be a spot list here, but I decided to get rid of it lol. I am more than likely just going to take whatever yall throw at me.)

Oof I hope I made sense ;-;​
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I have a new character that only has a text desc if that's okay, assuming she catches your interest.

Keiko on Toyhouse

Thanks for looking either way!

Stupid phone ate half my post...

Any style works for me, sfw only tho please.

Edit: She has one image I crudely scribbled out on my phone now.
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Heyyy, first of all, welcome to FAF.

And here's my sona's reference, you can draw him if you want to, SFW or NSFW you pick, if its NSFW just something simple like posing and showing it off:

Full Body reference.jpeg


Oh my... I definitely was not expecting anyone to respond to me. These responses make me beyond happy - I will get to work on all of these! ^^


Id you're still open, I'd love to have my girl Deathless drawn! Any outfit shown in the references is fine to use!
Any pose, expression, or type of art is perfectly fine! I would like it SFW though!
Thanks so much!


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It looks like your slots are almost filled, but I'll drop my character(s) here anyways :3

I have 2 characters, Inferno (who's in my signature, both her refs have lots of info) and her mate Kaleb (below, intersterests mostly are tech and most nsfw things on Inferno's ref)
Anything is good with me, however, I definitely encourage 'ship and nsfw of either characters! I won't get into NSFW too much, as most of the topics on Inferno's nsfw ref would be great, but if you'd prefer sfw 'ship, maybe cuddles, cute couple stuff, etc? If you plan to do just one character, I absolutely love cute topics, so if Inferno, maybe something with one of her likes (flowers, maybe a blanket, etc?) or Kaleb, really anything you want!

Type is completely up to you too, whatever you think fits best


Thanks for consideration!
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If you'd like to try me, a NSFW fullbody would be lovely, thanks!

I can give details later!


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Haha all of these requests really are blowing me away ;D

**I have the first four requests from the first people almost done. When I finish the last one, I plan on posting them in bulk.
(if that makes sense lol.)

Oh, and to the new requests, I will add you to the itinerary ;)

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Can you do me?


I would like to let you know that her top part of her wings are the same color as her belly. I would like to see what you can do with her.


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I have a weird request. This is the FFXIV version of my sona:
it's a tyll'a.png

Is there any way I could please get a refsheet and/or chibi of my sona as a caracal (when I made this picture there weren't really any furry character options in that game)? Thanks!


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I would like to get NSFW art of Maria my dairy cow girl
being milked or nipple penetration would be nice.


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I'd love a full body SFW, please.


I would love to get in line for whatever you're interested in drawing of my 'sona, Astrid!

Here's what I have accessible for a ref, I can add the full color sheet tonight:


4-tailed kitsune


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I'll offer up my fursona if he's someone you'd be interested in.


I'll take either a waist up of fullbody shot, and you can do pretty much anything you want with him. Thanks for the opportunity!


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thanks for the chance^^ do you also do anime characters? if you do a fullbody nsfw piece of him:
would be nice^^