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Free Art: Free Character Theme Music


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My partner KingSan and I have recently started a youtube channel for gaming and music. I edit the videos and KingSan creates music on ampedstudio and piano. We are currently looking to make more examples for our channel.

**Please consider to subscribe and like on the youtube channel. ^^ Much appreciated!**

The music clips will range somewhere between 30 secs - 2 mins.

5. open

Will be chosen based on inspiration. Please post a character reference. Personality: Such as (serious, cheerful, playful, mischievous, etc) A genre you would like: such as (rock, classical, dubstep, trance, ambience, etc.)

These are free so there will be no edits sorry. Should you like a remake or edit please contact me in DM's. Might accept art trades depending on quality.
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Beautiful. The music is like a higher pitched anasazi and taishogoto, it more of a Eastern flair. Very easy listening and calming. I prefer the longing love piano over the digital.


My personality? Complicated? Weird? I'm very much an introvert, but very technical and meticulous. Very shy and reserved and take a while to warm up to people. I think Ponji captured me best with this image- I'm just that weird girl by herself in the rain that people wonder if it's worth the risk or not of meeting and talking with me as I am just as confused looking back. When I am comfortable, I'm very excitable in my small group. Even friends, I sometimes have a lot of it's intense and sometimes very, very few, but it's always stable, which is the weird part. I find I can remain very calm while everything and everyone around me is on moving extremely aggressively and quick. I can work with chaos, which makes it difficult for me to work in an office behind a desk. I find people confusing and often I seem to be counter to whatever the norms are. Reserved, quiet, light start then unhinged, bold, risky vibrant.

Music? just me - rock, dubstep, trance. around others - more classic rock, classical, easy listening.

Anyway, thanks for consideration. If nothing else, good way to meet another artist!

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Well i have two characters I'm thinkin of for now.. I'll start with Starren.
Reference: Artwork Gallery for BluefiremarkII -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Personality and details: he's a god of life and death, however most picture him as the death part, since intelligent life is evry intrigued by death. He's got a cool, chill personality really but again, to others he's veyr horror-y, grim reaper like you could say. He takes his job seriously and with some fun, a theme song for him shouldn't be super dark, but at least a little darker in tone. It should also have a little bit of lightness to it, and catching that its a godly being, bringing not only death, but life as well. As a fire burns down a forest, life replaces it afterward.

Music: as i mentioned it should be kind of dark, bit light and catch a this is godly being thematic. As for what type, i don't really mind as long as it fits! But a good dubstep or perhaps classical might do?

Or you can do Azura.

Azura is a Blue Phoenix that is royalty, so she should have a royal theming to the song. She is peaceful and graceful, elegsnt and sweet, kind and gentle, but benevolent.. she doesn't see herself as above others really, she's also very aware of problems and friendly to others, but commanding when she needs to be.

Music typing should be softer, capture that she's royal but not blaring announcement, so harder themes like rock and dubstep shouldn't be done, but more classical typing and such might be good. Something.. beautiful.

Reference: www.furaffinity.net: Oblivions Queen by BluefiremarkII

You're welcome to do either one of these ^-^
And i do have other ideas as well if tou ever want other ones to do :)
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Edit: sorry got busy the second I posted so I'm back to elaborate.

She would definitely have something fun and weird just like she is. As for genre of music there's really no set type, I swing from hard rock to remixed jazz. So long as it sounds good and fun it's all good!

I always liked saying her theme is Frontier Psychiatrist by the Avalanche.
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Oh wow, that sample sounded beautiful. Well this is certainly an interesting opportunity so I'll bite.
www.furaffinity.net: [R] Fear by xHiyoriPaints
He's pretty mischievous for the most part but also protective of those he cares about. As far as genre goes I tend to gravitate toward rock music, like Avenged Sevenfold, Shinedown, and Disturbed, but if inspiration takes you in a different direction I don't mind.

Also just to be sure, did you mean subscribe on youtube?


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@Minerva_Minx thanks for the feedback ^^ Yeah I was going for shakuhachi bamboo flute and Chinese influences. The program being used only has standard flute so had to adjust it manually to give it a different sound.

@fearlesstiger Yup. I meant for subscribers to the YouTube channel. Thanks so much!

And thanks everyone for showing interest. I'll give a more definite pick after I've mulled over these ideas. Feel free to continue suggesting.


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hmm wonder what would you do for my char.. l love this one u shared btw~

I like kinda soft techno stuffs... if u look up blackmill on youtube u can get idea what I mean.
blue is sweet kind and caring most of the time. shes is a day dreamer. like to chill n relax but can be know to get silly n have fun.
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Species: Squirrel
Age: 31
Operating System: Windows 7
Personal Quote: Just because you put in the effort, doesn't guarantee you'll get the desired result!
Music Type/Genre: Soft Pop Rock
Favorite Movie: Zootopia
Favorite Game: Hidden Object Mysteries
Favorite Game Platform: Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
Music Player of Choice: Youtube
Favorite Artist: Aaron
Favorite Animal: Colorful Birds, Rodents
Favorite Website: E Hentai
Favorite Food: Poutine, Chocolate, Nachos, Nuts

My hobbies include: Furry comics, vintage video games, board games, bowling, mini golf, lunches, drinks, walking, convention planning!

Love hot weather and the beach, fruity drinks, swimming, souvenir shopping, waterfalls, rainbows, castles, and volcanoes!

Fantasy, fireflies, mist, fog, swamps, and jungles!

Just fun and kink!

Poppy rock or classical!


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Anyway, thanks for consideration. If nothing else, good way to meet another artist!

Thanks so much for your patience. Hope you like it:

lemme know if I credited the artist correctly it was hard to see their name on the pic ^^


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Glad you liked it.
If anyone wants theirs as an mp3 format without the effect noises DM your email address and I'll get it to you ^^

Slot Openings!
We've opened 2 more slots if anyone else is interested.


Could you do one for Makar? I want a piece that suits a sneaky, quiet and serious character like him and I want it to be a rock piece.



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Awesome!! I'm glad you like it and happy birthday ^^


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Name : Misty FrostHeart
Species : khajiit
Supernatural : vampire

Misty is a khajiit who was rumored to be dead. Truth be told, she was taken to Coldharbour to work as a Soul Shriven slave. She escaped, but landed in Stilwater, and is trying to find her way back to Tamriel.


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Arnak is a sorcerer with a vast library of arcane knowledge. He's a mystery to others
I'm not sure what genre so I'll pick trance


Dai on Toyhouse

Dai. Well. How to describe Dai?
Created to be the perfect killing machine, she's a vicious, calculating predator who's only just learning how to be 'normal'. On the swing side, when around her 'pack' (Adopted family), she's a mischievous, tricksy little thing with unending loyalty and love towards those she holds dear.

I'm not sure on genre, Maybe Rock-Techno? Ahhh i'm bad with music genres ahaha.

But thank you for the opportunity and kudos on you guys for this!!