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Free closeup portrait, digital painting


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Have just finished Wolf-Nightshades commission. I did two versions of this one as the first one kind of blocked out the distant background a bit too much. Anyways it was a lot of fun, first one ive had to focus on drawing some upper body muscle with the loose fitting tank top which was fun. the background was fun to do, nightshade requested a usa woods/forest background so I thought of one particuarly beautiful forest scene in america ive seen photos of and that was vermont. the autumn color is spectacular there, I hope to visit it sometime!



Little busy atm will focus on trying to get my russian holiday work done of my sona and then hopefuly back onto some more commisions. also if anyones after some equine or bovine sona commissions id love to have a go at some. i've done horse paintings in the past but no antro ones yet so it would be great practice, male prefrebly. also will attempt some NSFW arts in the future as its something i'd like to have a go at seeing as 99.999% of fury art work is nsfw, lol just kidding but that number is probably pretty high haha



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Next is SwirlJelly's dog lizard jojer! plus the russian one of me witch could take some time, that ones taking me back to my college days with all the architectual detailing in the kremlin lol


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Thanks for the support and interest guys! Means a lot :) I've got jojers to finish and then some for some friends and hopefully be back to fill in some ones I missed in this thread.
Here's a little update from the twitter page @Dargothehusky
Upcoming arts June/July:
1. Jojer (fa) beach portrait
2. @TannerTheHusky w challenger
3. @Coyoteous w csl
4. @Dargothehusky in @moscow

Apologies to any I miss, these works are pretty time intensive so unfortunately I can't do everyone's but I'll get to as many as I can
Cheers guys


If you are still doing some freebs I'd love one of my wolf fursona!
Her nose is blue, the other one is just coloured wrong. And her hands aren't supposed to be that big in the first image, they are just regular sized. c:
Neskers by Dearest Deer.png
Pink Wolf by Twin Spades Resized.png