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Free Art: Free colored sketches - CLOSED (in work)


I just want to practice my sketching skills.
So go ahead, post your references.

- I'll do not more than one per person, but you can post multiple characters. I don't mind having the variety to choose from ^^
- I need some kind of visual reference. It may not be a full reference sheet, but at least one image of your character
- It would be nice if you add some info about them as well ^_^
- Any race/gender/whatever is okay
- The picture will be done some time in November.

It's NOT first come first served! I'll go through your posts and choose five or six character to draw.

I suppose you should expect something like this:
New canvas (2).jpg
i kissed a girl.jpg

If I ever open sketch commishies I'd probably use the result pictures as examples.
But you may repost them as wel wherever you want as long as you credit me as the artist *.*


Green wuff with large feet
Thanks for the opportunity. Here's a plenty of my characters that'd be interesting to see. I guess every necessary info is in the refs and their descriptions :3


oh wow, that's a sweet style you got there~ :D
I uhm... I was wondering if you can do my boyo in this kind of daydream-y pose:
he's a shy, nerdy n' cutesy tapir boy, cutesy in a girly way :³
1578939440.quetzalcoatlkin_tapir.png1580923982.teacozy1_clippet_drinking_tea.pngNew Canvas.jpeg
thanks for the chance~ ^o^
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Well-Known Chee
Any of these guys would be great!

Thanks! ^w^


Mystic Jackalope
I gotta few characters to pick from (all of which are Agender)
Claire: Jackalope, likes books, tea and magic, P chill

Cab: Cabbit, likes candy, anime and cottagecore, V bouncy and peppy

Belladona: Possum, Likes, tea, plants and rainy days, Nervous about everything all the time. also a witch

Havoc: Undead/demon dog, likes doughnuts, video games and horror movies, Super nice and chill just forgetful


Explosion loving skooma cat
Minerva is just who I'd be, if hit by mutagen ala TMNT.
hmmm free you say ? :3 well i just recently am using one of those free bases and my color scheme could spruce up a bit and idk how to do the eyes thats wht they look weird XD but practice makes it perfect ^^

name: Wolfy
Gender : Male
Sexuality : bisexual
personality : has a nerdy gaming personality likes to ware a gaming shirt XD
also sorry for making microsoft paint color examples lol.

and yes he is sfw lol. but i also dont mind a nsfw version XD unless you need some pm message details lol.


Paws the Opinicus

*Not technically* a Gryphon!
Your stuff looks great! I know the thread's a week old but you know, never hurts to try. ;)

And any extra potentially relevant character details are covered in my profile tab. :)


Your Friendly Neighborhood Dino Therapist
Thanks for offering! You can draw me if you like.


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Byzance123 Rauss Khan

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It is ok if you do a fullbody of this oc ?

there is not laces

Kyra QueerDeer

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I would love a piece of my queer deer Kyra! She is a lesbian witch :3 Lineart by Bugsziee’s Art, filled by me


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