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So i'm giving away free art.

Only males though!

So i have a lot of free time to kill...Yeah.
My only rule for now is that i only accept things that i actually like. So if you particular character doesn't suit my tastes, than bad luck i guess (if i really don't like it i just won't answer. If i want to negotiate, i'll negotiate). But you can just send me your idea or what you want to have drawn and i'll see what i can do.
Since this is free you shouldn't expect a Mona Lisa or shouldn't expect any privileges ofcourse. Sometimes i finish work in a day. Sometimes a week. Sometimes it even takes months depending on what i feel like drawing.

I only answer simple questions in this thread. Please send your request/comission/idea to the links down below.

I can do SFW if i really like your character. But my preference is NSFW (i know you like that aswell ;) )!

But anyways. Just send me an email or note on my FA linked below!
Hint: A +watch always helps me get in the mood though.
I do have my personal rules in my FA journals. If you care to bother reading that it would be great. But since nobody actually does that these days, i won't bother putting them here and i'll just let you guys suprise me.

mail: orc20war@outlook.com
FA: Userpage of bigbrownorc -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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