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Free Drawing


Mountain Mew


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Monochromatic Dragon, I think I will draw your dragon shark. I've never drawn one and I would like to take a crack at it! :)


Hi! If you can draw my oc/fursona (Cassandra) for me, that would be awesome! She is a red panda with a fluffy tail, curly brown hair, and blue eyes. you can see a picture on my furaffinity (username is espressivo27). I would like it to be different from the profile picture though. :)
If you could that would be awesome! :D
I would want to use it on my page possibly (all credit would be given to you).
~ Espressivo


Just to throw another option into the pile, you're welcome to have a go at drawing Obrum if you want :D

His ref's in my sig, though I'd just like to clarify that I wouldn't want it NSFW if you do decide to draw me. Maybe playing an electric guitar, or lounging around in headphones or something?

Thanks for the chance :3

(Also, nice work on the gains! I've been cutting since the end January and just about ready to start my first bulk, feels good)
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