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Free Art: FREE: experienced writer offering custom erotic short fiction


Erotic Fiction Writer for Hire
EDIT: This offer is now closed. If you come across this thread and are interested in purchasing a custom story, please reach via DM.


Hi there friends,

I am seeking two to three individuals who would like a free custom 2k to 5k word erotic story written for their character(s). I am attempting to build a portfolio of pieces with the eventual goal of offering commissions.

If you would like a story, please note your interest below and I will reach out to you directly. In your reply, please provide a basic description of what you'd be looking for. When I DM you, I will request further details and provide you a sample of my work.

Please note: I will not work with folks or characters who are underage. 18+ only. Also, I will respectfully decline requests involving "toilet" kinks.

Thank you for your interest!

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Digital Artist/Software Developer
Sounds cool :3 I'm up for it if you're interested. Here's Inferno, I have a NSFW ref with all her kinky likes and dislikes too (pretty much consists of bondage and some other things) that I can send in person. I don't exactly expect anything, so it's pretty much up to you ^.^
Hello! I would very much be interested if you are still looking.
With these characters:

I would like a nsfw story involving them.

Thank you for offering!