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Free Flat Coloring and Shading!


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That's as simple as that. I reshade and/or shade artwork (and can even color now!) from a wide variety, all for free! I understand that shading is a basic necessity in artwork, (to make it more realistic but not too realistic) but you never know!

Examples of my work (SFW):
"I Like You" by Blotch was an already beautiful piece of art that I transformed into this more amazing piece (In my opinion). It took me 6 hours of constant failing and whatnot to produce such an image.

You Are Loved, a 2 character commission that I had Paper-Wings do. I have done flat-color on this piece that took about 13-15 work hours over 5 days to complete.

My shading is pretty basic, but better than traditional in a few aspects. I use an inverted "Brightness/Contrast" Layer in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 to create a more realistic image. I also throw in an occasional filter (if possible) to add in a light hue of orange and yellow (as for being outside in sunlight) and more that I can not think of right now.

I stream regularly on Picarto.TV - adam413's Channel if I have slots filled up. If you wanna see your art being worked on come see me live! I stream Monday's - Friday's from 6:00-7:00 PM (PST) and Saturday and Sunday's from 2-6 PM (PST). I do work on pieces outside of my live streaming times, it is only the perfect times that are good for me to stream. So come watch!

I am pretty comfortable with doing anything really. That means I shade SFW and NSFW pieces. The only thing I am most uncomfortable with is tentacles. Some tentacles are alright but I most likely will not shade anything that has anything but tentacles haha. You never know, though! Ask me to take a look and I'll be sure to give you an answer.

I also now remaster scanned images from traditional scanners! If your scanner messed your art up then I can try and save it re-doing the lining and colors!

I have some requirements that you must be mindful about:
  • The selected piece must be, at the very least, a size of 2560 x 1440 pixels (BE ADVISED: This resolution is ONLY for 16:9 ratios, all I ask for is something that is hi-res);
  • The selected piece must be sent as an uncompressed PNG file in order to retain the most clarity or .psd (if applicable);
  • If you upload the piece I reshade/shaded to any website, I ask that you link back to my FA Account, but it isn't required. Do not try claiming my work as your own, though.
  • You will receive the .psd of the piece and a couple JPG/PNG images.
  • A Colored or Shaded image!!
Some pieces will take longer than others. I am also in school so it may take up to a month or soto get the finished image. Once I am at least 80% sure I will get the piece done on a certain date, I will send you said date. I will send periodic updates on everything that is happening to you and to my trello!

Check out my Trello for up-to-date information on my commission queue! Resized JPG WIPs are uploaded here while full-size PNGs are sent to the commissioner!

SLOTS (User - # of Commissions - Completion):
1.) Open!
2.) Open!
3.) Open!
4.) Open!
5.) Open!

My shading and technique is in no way, shape, or form perfect. If you do not like the result then I am sorry, but please tell me what I did wrong so I can improve for the future.

Please contact me through notes on FurAffinity or the following:

FurAffinity: Adam413
Telegram: thehumanslayer12
Discord: Adam#9050

To be straight-forward, I didn't take preventative measures to ensure the safety of the Photoshop PSDs of the commissions I was working on. Due to this, when I had a tragic hardware failure, I lost over 1 TB of photos, videos, and documents that I could never replace.

I now backup EVERYTHING to third-party sites to make sure I never lose it again.

If you would like to request for a slot then please contact me via the contact information above! You guys are awesome!
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could you do something for me thats like a wallpaper with me and my fursona back to back


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could you do something for me thats like a wallpaper with me and my fursona back to back
Sure! Either post here of the image or PM me it here on FAF!

Sounds interesting. If you see anything you like in my gallery let me know and you can have at it.
Userpage of redhusky -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Higher rez stuff can be found on my DA account
FlyingRam on DeviantArt
I certainly enjoy your www.furaffinity.net: BSBFF by redhusky I'd love to see what I can do with that one and perhaps move on to the others that I really like as well.




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could you do somthing like the 2nd pic and my sona is the 1st pic ill pm you my face thought k
Ah, I thought you meant you already had the image. I'm sorry but I only reshade/shade pieces. I'm not a really good artist and it'll look real ugly if I tried haha.


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www.furaffinity.net: Wolfy a cool guy by DangerouslyGooey This is my boyfriend , it's a full clothes but NSFW due to a defined buldge. Is a transparent picture I made.
I can do that, sure! Although, 2 of my 3 requirements are as follows: I must have a 1500 x 1500 pixel copy and it will also have to be sent as an uncompressed PNG file. Obviously send me it privately here on FAF or note me at Userpage of thehumanslayer12 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net so no one can get a higher resolution image of your art.

Can you do ref sheets? My scanner ruined the color on mine and I couldn't fix it... Here it is if you are interested.
www.furaffinity.net: New Fursona Template: Feyd by FeydFawx
Yes! I do pretty much everything, except something with a lot of tentacles. As stated above (^) I need an (AT LEAST) 1500 x 1500 pixel copy of your reference sheet. It also must be sent as an uncompressed PNG file. Send me it private here on FAF or note me at Userpage of thehumanslayer12 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Once I receive your images you will be placed in a slot.


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I'm still alive! I am continuing work on my commissions that I have so far. I will continue to update this post with updates in the OP for said commissions.

I have 1 more slot available if anyone would like to hop on into it!


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I can now remaster scanned images from a traditional scanner/printer! If your scanner messed the image up, I can try and re-do the lining and colors.


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Bump! I'm now coming back to this with preventative measures in place! NEVER again will I do stuff without backing it up to a cloud!

I can now flat color pieces! Wooooo!