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Free Furry ID Card


Too depressed to talk. :(
Hey guys! So, I am making free furry ID cards. they are like driver's license cards but better. Here's what they look like:

If you really want one all you have to do is to fill out the information above and I'll customize it for you!
Just add
Your City, State, and Country (if you want)
Your name (could be your real name, screen name, or Fursona's name)
your species
Your Date of Birth (if you want)
Your gender
and your interests
Be sure to add a picture. This is not required but it will look nice. This can be a fursuit photo, a photo of yourself, or a drawing of your fursona.
Even though the theme colors are dark blue and cyan, I can always change the colors to your preference. But you can only pick 3 (the exception is a rainbow).
Customization will be entirely for free but it will take a few days. the card size will be 4" by 3" and will be printable at home.
Please comment below if you have questions or are interested!


Chips ahoy
Oooo looks fun!
State: Usa
Name: Ruby
Species: Wolf
Date and birth: June 9th 1999
Interests: Memes, Anime, Sleeping, tiny things, Music, Video games
Mind if you change the colors to: Red, Pink, Black
(pick any picture that you like)


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Battle Foxxo

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California, United States
Species: fox
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 07/06/1999
Gender: Male
Interests: Dr. Pepper


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