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Hi, my name's Amelia. I'd like to start doing chibi art commissioning in the (hopefully near) future, and I need time to practice my art. I'm open to draw your fursonas in my art style, and if they're good enough I'd like to ask if I could post them on my FA gallery page. :) Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to hear from some of you soon! <3

Link to my FA Gallery: Userpage of AmeliaTheHolstein -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Edit, 6/27/20: I've finished 9 free commissions as of today
Edit 2.0: Please provide me with a description of the pose you'd like your oc in and their facial expression, as I will have no guide to go by otherwise. Thanks!
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Hey there! If you'd like to, either of these two would be cute to see as a chibi!


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Oh, lovely art! Both my wife and I have characters. You can choose which one you like better if you wanted to. :)

Josie is a Highland/Jersey cow(my wife): www.furaffinity.net: Josphitia "Josie" reference sheet by Gealira by Josphitia
She loves Pokémon and One Piece. Her reference says it all. She’s also a bigger girl with chub. :3

Jojer is a Pharaoh Hound(mine): www.furaffinity.net: Jojer the Pharaoh Hound by Jojer
He can be anthro or feral. When he’s anthro, he has glasses. When he’s feral, he has a green collar. Here’s my gallery: Artwork Gallery for Jojer -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Thanks for the opportunity!


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I think my girl Aurora might be up your alley if you have the time to draw her. No worries if you don't though! Thank you for the opportunity:


hello there '3' is this still open? if so, I'll drop my shy n' girly boy in here for your choosing :p
IMG_0258.jpg 1578939440.quetzalcoatlkin_tapir.png 1592894703.pomcrush_furreq_clippit.png
if you could give him a shy-ish pose and expression like the one below it'd be great, and a cutesy striped sweater, any colors you feel might match better :3c
file_fb27763c74_original.jpg Malayan_TapirOriginal.png
thanks for the opportunity :)


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@RangerReb I heavily apologize for the wait, I've been dealing with some personal matters irl as of late. I hope you enjoy the piece I've done of Aurora! And may I ask, could I have your consent to post your sona on my FA Gallery and new insta page? Thank you so much for the opportunity, and I hope you have a great day! <3


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Aww hello!
If this is still a thing, i'd love a chibi from you! They're so adorable^^
I'd love a somewhat grumpy, maybe even a sort of 'wet cat' angi kind of pose, whatever works best for you!
Here's my girl's reference sheet~~