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Free Art: Free headshots/icons [closed]


wanting to build up a few headshot examples!
they'll be lined, coloured and shaded
will give the full hd and small versions
will only be taking 3 slots!

pls post references below + what expression you would like


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Here's my girl if you're interested in drawing her :)
Expression could be happy, confused, thoughtful, or look determined about something.



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Think you can draw my boy smiling with a blush? Maybe being a bit shy or something along those lines?

Feel free to do that to one or the other. I'll let ya pick which you prefer more ^×^


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Hiya! I was gonna throw my hat in the ring for a chance! Here's mah dragon boi Cronos, i figured he would have like a neutral/indifferent expression if ya happen to choose him, thank you so much for considering me! Have a wonderful day/night!


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Kosmo Kittypup

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hi! dunno if this is late but here's my ref for kosmo. if you pick him i'd love to have a real excited and happy expression, maybe with the star eyes. cheers!


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I saw your art on Furaffinity, mayhaps my boy? Thanks for the chance!
Was kinda thinking a cute shy, blushy expression

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Hey there!
I hope I'm not too late! Would you like to draw my metalhead boy Exodus? Maybe with his tongue sticking out and winking? Anything that looks punk!
Thanks so much! <3


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Not sure if you're still doing this, but I might as well try my luck and throw my ugly wedge face into the ring.
As for expression, I'd love some pissed off or just generally angry expression.