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Free Art: Free little doodles, anyone? [Open]

Hi there, hello!

So, I'm looking to do a few little character doodles for warm up/flexing to get back into the headspace for it. If this all goes well, I can make this a routine thing, but for now I'm looking for 3-4? volunteers to do a headshot or little fullbody doodle for. So! If you want to help calm my anxious brain, post a ref below. IF I get more than a few, I'll pick and choose. If it stays slow? I'll work through them as they come. Thank you so much for stopping by~

(Sorry for not posting examples. It'll be a surprise but I promise it won't be a stick figure. )


Top hatted fox
Oh i would love a doodle~
1617021755.lenago_lenago_ref (1).jpg

Thanks for the chance


Chimichangas Chimichangas Chimichangas Chimichanga
Your art is very charming. Thank you for giving my character a look!




uh if your fine with it maybe this guy? Been wanting to see my little dude brought to life, but if you don’t want to all good! Thanks for the opportunity!

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Feel free to do any of my characters ^^
I know vixye is a pretty popular choice lol

sleepy kitty

frisky feline
Could you possible draw my cat fursona? ^^


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