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Free Mini Pixels (OPEN)

Hey! I wanted to make a few anthro pixels with a base I have!

All you have to do is reply/message me with a reference of your character! I won't be doing all of them, I'm just gonna pick some that I like! But please don't be afraid to post/send your character!

I'll message you the finished product but all completed pixels will also be posted publicly to my Deviantart.

Deviantart: MLLK-TEA
Discord: Bug Girl#6757
Email: milkshroom@gmail.com
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Hello! I'd like to drop my character here too if you don't mind. Sorry about the low quality ref; I have to update it one of these days... XD
www.furaffinity.net: Fursona Redesign by TheBoxDweller

I don't have any (good) pictures of her with clothing, but feel free to give her a sort of cutesy look. She loves dancing, so anything easy to move around in and flashy is good. ^^

Also, I don't really like just taking free art without offering something in return. I can offer you either a drawing or a short song (since I'm a musician), so let me know if either of those sound interesting to you. : 3

Anyhow, thank you so much for the offer. I hope you have a lovely day. : D


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Oh my goodness your style is ADORABLE!! ;0; ♡♡ if they pique your interest you could maybe give Han or Kevin a try?? THANk you so much for this opportunity fjdfnfn


Those are so cute!!! ;v; I have my emo cow!


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Ah cute! Here's two of my characters if either of them interest you. Clothing I'm not picky about, you can put whatever outfit you like best if you do one of mine.

Tyrani (tiger) - sta.sh: Tyrani art
Genevre (deer) - sta.sh: Genevre