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FREE PORTRAIT RAFFLE - I will randomly draw a thread-participant and paint their OC


New Member
Hi everyone!

I'm feeling excited to draw someone's character :) Commissioning someone can sometimes feel daunting, so I wanted to give out a freebie.
I will be sketching the winner's OC of this Raffle in this style:


To participate:
1. Add a Watch on my Furraffinity: Userpage of Mellydrop -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
2. Comment below with an image/images/descriptions of the OC you would like painted if you win (also include how I can contact you if you win)

I will draw the winner with a randomizer in the in the coming days.
I will announce the winner in this post and contact you via the contact-way you mentioned in your comment.
When I'm done with the art I'll post it here and on my social media.

Happy Raffling and Good luck! :)
(PS: I also posted this in art exchange, but I'm posting it here as well in case this is where freebies are most often posted!)