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~FREE Pride YCH!~



hey you guys it's pride month!!! to spread the love I'm offering a free YCH of your fursona and the flag of your choice!! It'll look something like this:


The sketch is a dog but all species will be available :3 comment with a ref of your fursona and the flag that you'd like!!
Payment isnt necessary but uhh go ahead and give my FA and DA a look if youd like >0<
I'll get as many done as i can but no guarantees please understand! thank you!!! stay queer ;3

DISCLAIMER: im not offering asexual/demisexual/etc flags!! I fully support ace people but ace people just aren't queer... pride originated from stonewall and the community is about lesbian, gay, bi(+pan), and trans rights and a long history of oppression that ace people just dont have, sexuality + gayness is all about the Who not the how!! please no comments about ace discourse & try to respect my perspective as a lesbian in the LGBT community //end rant sorry i come from tumblr so i just had to put a disclaimer. dont flame me pls. i dont hate ace people but the communities should be separate


What's your limit on what flags youll draw?
thanks for the question! anything that has to do with what gender you identify as or what gender(s) you're attracted to!! you know, stuff that has to do with being gay. so lesbian, gay, bi/pan, trans, agender, etc!
like i said i come from tumblr lol so i see a lot of identities like demisexual, grey ace, etc that more describe HOW you feel attraction rather than WHOM you feel attraction to, which i think is just really getting off topic in terms of being queer >w<; not super relevant to pride month u know? thank you!


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could you draw my oc with the bisexual flag
this is the only coolor picture i have but it's the top half of the body so i think you should be okay
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I'd like a trans pride flag as well! These are so cute. Thanks for considering <3