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Free Request/ Trade: Your Character Baby-fied (and made into an avatar?)


Well, I got up the nerve to do this, but sadly this needs to be said:

If you think this is related to a fetish or kink, then you need to leave the other people that would wish to participatein this art deal alone. I'm asking nicely, but WILL report anyone with off-color remarks to a moderator, and if the problem persists I will have the thread closed.

You have been warned.

This is an example of my character done up like a kid.

This is roughly what I'll be drawing for people just to get some practice in other species. Final results for YOU will likely be colored simply and layered underneath the pencil drawing (aka no digital linework)

Here are the rules:
* this is NOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. I will have the final say-so in who is drawn.
* requests should include the following:
name for the picture
link to character reference
species of character
pose preference (sitting, laying on back, crawling) and emotion (sleepy, awake, happy, crying, etc...)
Outfit: onesie, overalls, little sailor costumes or anything else embarrassing or cute.

That being said, if you're pleased with your results, we can arrange a simple trade as "repayment". There is absolutely NO obligation to do so, but will be on your own prerogative.

Anyway, this seems like fun, so let's see how this turns out, shall we?


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I'd love to see Kya as a baby, please.

She's a carrow. Her ref's in my sig.

Name of the picture - The monsters will get me
Emotion - Scared, tears in eyes
Pose - Sitting up and hugging a plush alligator as big as her
Outfit - Overalls

Thank you
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Awwww... I want to see a baby Ray-O!

Name for the picture: Oral Fixation
Character: Ray-O
Species: Black Jaguar
Pose: Sitting down biting a rattle
Outfit: Just a diaper

Thanks for offering! I've liked the idea of having Ray-O as a cub... without all the gross stuff, of course!
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Baby Zach naptime
Ref in sig
Species: Border Collie
pose: on back, maybe sucking thumb, sleeping or sleepy
Outfit: Onesie or Sailor outfit

I don't have anything to offer for a trade, but I can make a donation?


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I mean um... *cough*

Yeah I guess they're cute... >.>


Name: Sandbox
Ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5759582
Species: Skunk
Pose: Playing in a sandbox
Outfit: Striped shirt, propeller beanie, shorts.

Thank you muchly for considering.

EDIT: Derp. Didn't read the instructions properly. Name of picture. I'm stupid.
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I'll try and work on a few more. I'm going to have to scrap the bit on coloring-- too much interest right now to make it work.


I'd be interested in doing a trade if I could get one for my friend ^^

Picture name: What are you?
Ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5360060/
Species: Demonic Thong Daeng (Thailand cat )
Pose and emotion: Sitting, hind legs sprawled out with front paws in between looking slightly dazed/confused with a catipillar on her nose.
Outfit: A Pink and white frilly dress with a bow around the neck and small roses near the bottom trim, poofy short sleeves and ribbon around the tail.

Thankyou for any consideration ^^
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mmkay, I've drawn Azure:

Here's a pending list of people that can expect to get art from me at the moment. I'll try and hit everyone if nothing comes up.


and 2 more spaces of the people here that I haven't decided yet...