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Free sketches (feral or anthro)


need some new faces in my sketchbook so throw them at me!

I will draw feral or anthro animals
preferable without clothes (but maybe if i like them i will take them!)
you will have a higher chance to be chosen if you have anything cool non dragon to draw for me ( i need to get better on other species)

this not first comes first serves i will just draw whatever i like from the stuff offered
so pls include a ref or understandable pic of your sona/ oc and
ONE sentence what you want ( i won´t do super complicated stuff)
so for example (my dragonform)

Spirellity -Dragon- Female
sitting on a stone

but it could happen that i just draw them in any pose

examples of my art




EH b0sss
so hey understandable if its to much hastle but i have no references. what id like is me as myself anthrofied as a bear. like could you use my profile picture as a reference?
its all good if you cant tho so no biggie, btw rock on dragon stuff


Mountain Mew
I wonder how my dog would look as an anthro. Would love it if you made a drawing of him as an anthro, he's very playfull, sometimes a pain in the ass because he's so energetic but a fluffy furrbal full of love never the less
here are some pic's of him, his name is Blue (he's an aussie, blue merle with blue eyes):
I have a lot more pics just let me know if you are interested on doing him :D


King of Kawaii; That Token Femboy
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