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Free sketches for non-canides

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prey for resurrection
Rather then ask if you'd like to sketch any of my characters, would you prehapse sketch my boyfriend's character? He's new to the whole 'internet art community' thing, and is in need of some luv :p

His character is is called Frety, and it's this crazy little cross-dressing (uh, I think it's male) hippo thing.


And don't mind the colors. My boyfriend is just weird like that XD

EDIT: Shit, it looks like you're full there. Sorry bout that, so nevermind then.


The Dread Koalapus
Hey dude, no worries. They're requests, and your mental health takes priority. =) -hug- Hope you feel better soon.

Lobo Roo

turtles natures suction cups
Um, I think she (he? I don't know.) is full for requests, as well as not feeling well. Their health comes first, and it seems kind of...I don't know. Just remember, there are people behind the art, and they aren't there to be your art slaves. :)


Gothyk Industries
Luukra said:
Sorry for all letting you wait :(

But i have really serious mental problems at the moment :(

Lol, I'm sure they are fine with the wait. ^^ As for me, I would like a request, too, but I will wait until your list goes down. Go ahead and PM me when you are ready for my info. ^^
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