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Free sketches(Read thread), Lineart & Color commissions


UPDATE: Moving forward as of 1st March if the sketches made are not committed to a full commission, I will make lineart and add shadows to them to be recycled bases for YCHs in the future.

Earlier I made a post over on Art Exchange and Trades taking requests to try my hand at drawing furries: forums.furaffinity.net: Free Art: - Just joined, interested to see if I can draw Furry stuff (20 requests taken - will update later)

I’ll still be doing free sketches subject to my availability, but I’m also adding options for lineart and colored pieces.
Here’s a link to some of my previous work done in the 3 stages (Sketches, Lineart, Final)

People who have a budget in mind and clear idea of what they want get priority.

I’m interested in purchasing some new gear to improve my workflow, so if you’re interested, let me know via DM if you’d like a piece done.

Prices for a single character are tentatively:
$20 for lineart;
$30 for lineart + color;

Depending on how complicated a particular character is, there may be upcharges from these base prices.
But other than that, free sketch requests, so let me know if you have something you’d like.
My gallery for your reference: Artwork Gallery for APtP -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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First commission~, process here