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Free Art: Free Sketches


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Only doing 3 for now, I need to create some examples for when I open commissions

1. @Bluefiremark II
2. @Asher Grey
3. @Damian Voidscale

This isn't fcfs, I will draw ones that I choose.

NOTE: By posting your character here for me to draw, if chosen you consent to me using the image I draw of said character to be displayed as art examples when I open a shop.
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You can use me, if you want. here's a sketch of my by Teacozy:

Only thing I ever ask anymore is to keep my body close to realistic proportions. Thanks!

(I'm the one being poked, lol)

Damian Voidscale

Fallax splendorem suum
ooh, I'd love something, if you want. no pressure at all though, I completely understand. thank you so much for the opportunity ^^


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Hope this helps


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