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free sketchy sketches [limited slots]


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so i'm kinda stuck on who/what to draw so i thought i'd head over to the forums to offer up some free coloured sketches~
these will not be first come, first serve. i'll be picking 3 designs/characters that i like the best - sorry, but there are certain things that i want to practice right now !! (no, i won't tell you what these are ehehehe)
simply post a reference below and i'll pick my 3 on the 3rd April~
i won't be working from descriptions, sorry.

wanna see examples?
my fa is: Userpage of bijou.blue -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

  • slot 1.
  • slot 2.
  • slot 3.


Woof? Woof

Sergei Sóhomo

I'll throw my hand in there



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Mabe do me? I would love to be drawn in your style!
is this a good head ref sheet for the stuff you cannot see in my profile pic?


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