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Quitters never win, winners never quit.
NOTE: This is also on Furry Amino, so there's a chance that your name might not get randomly drawn. Just depends on how my randomizing site works. I will inform everyone of the winners when this is over.

Hey y’all! I’m trying to get some art exposure, so I’m going to be doing a free sticker raffle :3

How do you get a free flat color sticker? It’s simple! I have three sticker slots that I’m giving away. Here’s what you gotta do to enter:

-Follow my Furaffinity account (really really encouraged, but if you don't do it that's fine.)
Userpage of RangerReb -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
-Comment anything you’d like on this post, but you must include “Kowabunga Kangaroo! Everybody hang loose!” to let me know you’ve read this.

The raffle will be open for 48 hours. At the end of the raffle, all names will be put in a randomizer, three winners will be selected, and I will screenshot the names of the winners. I will DM each of the winners and we can hash out what you’d like to get. Each sticker will come with three images: A sticker on a colored background, a sticker with a .png transparent background, and a transparent sticker formatted to Telegram dimensions.

Please note that this is FREE art, so if I take some time to get to it please be understanding and patient. I’m a soldier in real life, and my work schedule is very unpredictable. Usually these are easy and fast to make, so I will get them done in about a day when I have the time. I will also update you with lineart when I have it.

Here are two examples of the sticker style I offer:

And if you don't win, no worries! You can get one of these for just $5 USD via my website or by DMing me.

Let the raffle begin!

**DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a request thread. You can enter to win a free sticker, but I'm not taking requests for stickers.


Quitters never win, winners never quit.
I think I'm gonna close this early because response is slow on both sites. Will announce the winners shortly!

Here are the people in the running:



Quitters never win, winners never quit.
The winners are here! Thank you to everyone who participated.

I will DM the winners as soon as possible! Thanks everyone.


Aw well, thanks for the chance! :D

'Gratz to Rouge and VeeStars!
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