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Free timed paintings


Been seeing some of these threads lately, looks like a lot of fun!
I'll be giving myself 15-20 minutes per painting, no idea how many I'll do for now. Just wanting to get back to using corel painter some after it's been collecting dust and need some subjects~
Please post below if interested!

Dire Newt

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You have a really nice art style, I'd love to get a quick painting if you could!
I don't really have much of a reference besides this:
The colors are:
Lower jaw down to the inner thigh (including chest, neck, and underside of the tail at the base) is white. The rest of it is orange and the eyes are brown.
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Interesting character, here you go!



Starting to get late at night; may do one more before going to sleep.
Thanks for letting me draw your fun character! :)


If you want to do that, then sure!

This is also the last one of the night; beginning to fall asleep slightly.
Thank you all for your characters~ I may continue this at a later date if I have no projects going on!


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Hello Vancha,

I love what I'm seeing here in your stuff. It's really good for an artist to work on speed paintings, timed features sketches, and such so you can keep your proffesional work short and sweet. You've got a good eye for color and light and I really enjoy your playing with body proportions for a stylized look (big chest a, thin waists, big forearms and hands, and long limbs). If you weren't going to heavy stylization (but I think that ipyiur stuff shows obvious intent) I'd tell you be more realistic even in a crunch-time painting, but again I don't think that's the aim here.

Haha, but this isn't a critique thread, sorry.

Hum, well, if you're still open and doing speed paints I'd really appreciate you taking a look at my female Tasmanian devil character, http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11753613/ , and if she interests you would you maybe please draw her? Thank bayou for your time, and for giving great art out to FAF. It's threads like these that feed our communal spirit rather than 90% of our thread topics of us sniping at each other and bitching haha.