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Free to use Alti bases!


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I recently had some bases made for a race called the Alti I created! I'd love for some people to have their own Alti (and post the finished product here to show them off!). It's completely free to use for anything from making a sona to an OC.

Edit: for anyone not aware, all the bases have a boat load of options such as hairstyles, tails, and other interesting stuff! Once you download one of em you can see all the goodies :3

Free to use bases! (Drawn by Disko. on furaffinity!) - Google Drive

And here is the actual species info. It's not a guide you absolutely have to follow, just what I think the species is like.

drive.google.com: Alti Species Info

Due credit goes to Userpage of Disko. -- Fur Affinity [dot] net for a job well done!

P.S. I'd appreciate any feedback or opinions on the species
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*Casts revive*

Phew it's been a while, but i'm not giving up on these buggers just yet!