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Free (to use) Fursona Folder?

Is "Free Fursona Folder" a good idea?

  • I'd use it.

    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • I'd supply to it.

    Votes: 2 25.0%
  • I'd reject it.

    Votes: 3 37.5%

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I've noticed on role play sites that people like using other people's artwork for their own characters without permission. As annoying as this action is, I propose an alternative: a gallery of free to use artwork for role play and reference purposes.

This "Free Fursona Folder" (working title) could be supplied by artists who like to draw things for practice or fun, but have no intention to sell or use. The artist could require a watermark for use, a credit, or neither if the artist doesn't want to be know for their 'rejects'.

Pictures of particular interesting or scenes could also be used to inspire writers or other artists to create content based on that particular work. Species bases and tracing could also be encouraged for those who need more customization for their original character.

I know that there are those of you who would jump at the chance to draw other's characters for extremely cheap prices, or even free. However, I believe that having a pre-made repository for artwork would be faster for others to use, rather than having to wait for art to be done.

What do you think? Would it be a good idea to create and promote such a gallery? Or is art theft too widespread to be averted?


It seems like a good idea in concept but very difficult to get to work out. As someone who's had their fursona and other ocs taken and used as rp characters it's a bit irritating but I still don't think that this would overly stop that. Usually the people who are going to steal are one of two categories 1. ignorant of the fact that people pay for art and draw their own art meaning they are simply just looking up images on google or random sites and just taking the 'best' images. frequently these people are a bit younger or not part of any real community or 2. they really don't give a shit and are gonna do that type of thing anyway >.> Those are the shitters.

I guess yeah art theft is def too widespread as much as I think the idea is really nice.


Survive, thrive, and do what makes you feel alive!
Yeah, you guys have a point. It'd probably be impossible to get everyone to use it. However, it still might be a good resource for those who do care but don't have the money to get good art or time to wait for a free artist to come along.

Still, it is possible for someone to upload stolen artwork just to put up a smoke screen on their nefarious deed... And I'm not sure if Google Image Search covers Fur Affinity and all the other various fandom sites. A good moderator for said resource could be required, or only allowing for posts from 'verified' users. You know, those that haven't been made in the past month and have a ton of mismatched content. Maybe it's invitation only?

Hmm... what would be good enough to keep track of for users, but basic enough to not be stolen like $20 bills on an open lawn? Perhaps bases?


It could encourage rp groups to have a rule against stealing art. It could become more frowned upon to see stolen art as refs. As for verification, have a link to the original image on FA, dA, or some other place with comment enabled so that anyone could easily call them out if it isn't actually theirs.