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Free traditional badge


Hello! I want to get more into traditional art again, and would love to make a badge. This would be a practice and also an example for future badge (and other) traditional commissions.

Post your reference below, along with a suggestion for pose and expression. I will chose the one that will strike my muse :) I will start on this tomorrow, so you have time until then.

You will be more than welcome to use this badge on cons, but you will have to either print it or I'll ask you to send me $5 so I can send it to you (I'll make it for free, but won't ship it for free, sorry).

This will be done in either watercolors or colored pencils, maybe both. For examples of my traditional works go here: http://evriale.deviantart.com/gallery/34137754/Traditional And here are all my more recent arts: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/evriale/


Major Dumbbutt
I would be so grateful if you could draw my character, Braelynn! Your art is so beautiful!
I'm not picky about the pose, since it's hard to figure out any pose that looks good with six arms, but the reference sheet I linked to might give you some ideas. Whatever you draw her doing, I want her to look like she's having a great time!
Thanks for this opportunity!


Grey Muzzle

Tera Noctem

*raising her paw as high as she can get it*
me please? I have always wanted to have a badge!
Tera is a black fox. Her fur is seemingly etched with intricate patterns of electric blue. The fur of her underbelly and paws are pure white. She is slender and very lithe. Her hips are slim, with a very subtle girlish curve to them. At the rear her thick, bushy tail sways, very much resembling a paintbrush dipped in electric blue paint. Her breasts are small, a B cup at most. Her eyes are a bright and vibrant green, full of life and innocence. Her hair is black with natural blue tips, and often falls in front of her face. Her blue tipped ears poke through the mane of hair, but just barely. She is rarely seen without a smile on her face, and her smile is sweet and gentle.

As for a pose, a shy look or maybe presenting food? I love to cook.


This is the one I chose... Couldn't say no to such a cute kitty :3 (To the one I chose - I hope you can recognize yourself :p)
Of course, there is a lot more work to be done on it... Finishing the black areas, shading the markings, doing the eyes, tail and name tag etc... Hopefully it will be finished soon :)
(The photo is bad and it doesn't really look like IRL, but I guess it's ok for a WIP xD)
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