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Free Writing


Hey guys!

I'm trying to get into writing again, but I need SOMETHING to keep me committed to it, soooooo.....that's where you come in. I figure doing some writing for you guys and knowing you're expecting it will sort of jump start things for me. Who knows xD

I do not write NSFW or fetish stuff.

Other than that, toss out requests or ideas? I can't promise any particular length. If I really like the story/character/idea, it'll be longer. It's all up to how I feel that day and whatnot. If I write anything amiss, you are totally free to correct me and ask me to make it right. I want to churn out things you enjoy! I'm also hoping to get an idea of what I could, in the future, charge for commissions, so please be willing to give me some type of quote at the end to help with this.


Post away and I'm looking forward to it!


Welp, since so one else is jumping on this, I'll come up with something to write about in the mean time! >:3

You should write a short story about a grumpy/angry/hardass/punk wolverine character, who finds a young owl who is lost. For some reason the owl follows him around, and he can't shake him off. Eventually he decides to help him out, and reveals a softer side along the way.