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FREE zomg furries are gonna flock now


A bendy body
So, I might draw it, might not, depends on how nice you ask me. If it intrigues me you will see it drawn... So go at it, request away :cool:

My FA is here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/phantomapfel/

If you actually want to commission me that's cool too but I doubt it cause everyone's poor these days
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My fursona Mattias being consumed by an evil black ooze that's changing him into some sort of stretchy reptile. He's trying to fight it, but he can't win as it creeps its way up his legs and across his stomach

Here's how he looks:
And these are his references:
Hair color: grey/silver
Hair length: like a shorthair cat...
hair type: slickish, but furry in areas like around joints
body type: lanky, but mildly muscular
eye color: yellow-brown
eye shape: people eyes, with a touch of almond (if that makes any sense XD).
fur color: grey/silver
special markings: none except for a small bit out of the tip of his left ear. It was surgically removed, so no teeth marks, please!
Don't forget his rectangular glasses!

This is if you don't mind of course. As the artist it is all up to you, but I have been in an art slump, and would greatly benefit from some new art.
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FREE ART WHAT THE FU*Head explodes*

Um...could you perhaps draw the famous Uncle Sam poster but with Xerxes (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1507703/) in it instead of Uncle Sam, and instead of saying "I Want YOU For U.S. Army" it should say "Your FACE is a SAXOPHONE"?

That would be awesome if you could do that.


A bendy body