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Comment Problem: Friend can't reply to threads


My friend asked me to make this thread since she doesn't seem to be able to make threads or reply to them in these forums. Her name is TheFruitbat. She is logged in, yet she still can't. Is there anything she can do?

Thanks in advance!


As far as I can tell, there is no user here registered under that name. (I neither see it at the bottom in the list of currently logged on users, nor in the member list)

Are you sure she activated her account?

Arshes Nei

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User needs to activate her account. In other words she needs to check her email (and check the spam box too) for the email confirmation link.


Nah that didn't work :( She asked if it is possible for you guys to delete her account so she can make a new one with the same email address.


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Jesus christ, it only took a week to get help that didn't work. I had to change my email three times before it worked. Please, please work on your support system also, it was a nightmare to get help.


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does registering for a vbulletin forum really require a support helpline