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From the Desserts, NomeKo has arrived...


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Hello evryone, as you know im new blah blah :eek:

now the intresting part is, im from Abu Dhabi, but also Spanish, yay, so well, I come from the Dry, Bad, Cruel Dessert, so you may have guess that how i am...

Well here's my Description, i have a very precise look of me and i'll try to explain it my best

Im a Costume Gerbillinae... What is it? very simple:

Most gerbillines live in dry, open habitats with sparse vegetation, including deserts, sandy plains. they are a kind of rat subfamily, but im not here to talk about science, am i?

Now... im not a Rat...or a Gerbillinae... im a Costume Gerbillinae.

I used to compare myself with furry long ago, but i ddin't seem to find anyone, until now...

Well, to resume it.. im a Kind of Raichu, Not a Raichu, im not trying to say that im stealing others work(nintendo work) but it personality, spice of beeing simple, just with the word "Raichu" on his vocabulary...

I compare myself with it... yepe... well the furry form of a raichu, It's like my second me, just to mention im Geminis, I use to act in diferents personalities depending on my humor and energy

Well, That's it, in resume im a Dessert Gerbillinae Furry Kind like Raichu....I would like to know how to draw... *sigh*

I also have like some kind of Fic to myself, but that will be later...

Im not new to the fourms, but im new to this one specialy, so if may i ask two things:

1)I saw one of the request fourms and i saw a page with some kind of squetches... i would like to know where to find it hehe...

2)And... well... if I can find someone to help me to draw this... I've seen much cool Signatures with very nice pics on them... but well

Thanks for taking your time to read, for me the intruduction is like the most important part of a fourm... oh well, i hope to hear/read of you'all :)


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Re: From the Deserts, NomeKo has arrived...

xD yeah... you got me there is Desert not Dessert.. what a mess up for a single "S" isn't it :p

Doctor Timewolf

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Welcome to FAF! I like desserts. Ice cream and gummy bears and cookies... Delicious. *cough* It seems I've rambled. I do that. *gives you a jelly baby*


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Hello and welcome to FAF, hope you enjoy it here. Have fun.:)