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From the space between stars/ writing prompts plz

From far away, from the darkest corners of deep spaces, from the space between stars, a message comes. Transmitted through stellar sighs, through the shockwaves of colliding asteroids, through the hum of background radiation, the message reaches you; the faintest hiss of an unconscious thought. In the dark corners of your mind you hear it begging, pleading:

"Plz give me writing prompts."

Did you hear it correctly? Was something lost in the infinitely complex transmission? Surely such a call would be of greater significance. Surely any being with the raw power to communicate across such vast distances would only do so in dire circumstances.

"I would really appreciate any and all writing prompts. I am tired and unable to think of anything to write. Writing would make me feel much better than I do currently, so please give me writing prompts."

No, you heard correctly. Whatever eldritch thing this is that contacted you is pleading for... writing prompts. How would it even write? In constellations? Atomic decomposition? In generational decay? A Macbook?

"Really, just want writing prompts in the comments. Will write any and everything. I'm no prude, it can be gross, I really don't care, just need the practice. I'm great with description of actions and histories, but need to shape up my characterization. Doesn't really matter, I just need writing prompts."

Well, whatever this elder creature is, it seems to want writing prompts. Probably better to give them to it then.


Deviated Prevert
My latest idea:

Ghosts don't have to be people, they can be dead places. In the 1950s and 60s when Desegregation occurred in the United States there were thousands of schools closed up as their black students were integrated into other schools. One place, in real life, is Zachery Taylor High School on Wall Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana, which has sat empty for almost 60 years. However, the ghost of the building desires to help people learn. Tell a story of an urban explorer drawn to the building and what they do once they understand the desired of the building's spirit.