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Character Artist
Do you need a full-body reference for your character or OC? Well, I think I can help you out there.

I'm a character artist who can design your OCs and 'sonas ranging from human to anthro, male or female, monster to myths. I'm familiar with several fandoms such as Monster Prom, Super Sentai, Overwatch, Miraculous Ladybug, and a few others. I've done Pokemon gijinkas, Overwatch OCs, and Monstersonas in previous commissions and I'm ready to help you out.

If interested, send me a note via FurAffinity so we can start discussing what you'd like to see!

Pricing goes as follows (examples seen here):

Sketch: $15
  • Extra Character: +$3
  • NSFW: +$5
Lineart: $20
  • Extra Character: +$5
  • Alternate Outfit: +$4
  • NSFW: +$3
Flat Color: $30
  • Extra Character: +$10
  • Alternate Outfit: +$8
  • NSFW: +$6
Cel-Shaded: $35
  • Extra Character: +$15
  • Alternate Outfit: +$10
  • NSFW: +$6
Shaded: $45
  • Extra Character: +$20
  • Alternate Outfit: +$12
  • NSFW: +$9

Terms of Service:
  • I reserve the right to decline commissions
  • The final piece of art is co-owned by myself and the commissioner
    • The commissioner can re-post the art, but if they do they must give credit back to me, the artist
    • I have the right to potentially use these commissions in my professional portfolio and/or website as samples of commission pieces
  • I prefer that commissioners have some form of reference or inspiration for the character(s) that they would like to commission as it speeds along the process.
  • Work will only begin once I receive the payment via paypal
  • Once the commissioner approves the sketch, refunds are no longer allowed
  • You may request updates within reason.
  • I will not NOT draw:
    • Backgrounds
    • Blood and/or gore
    • NSFW of anyone under 18
    • NSFW of any real people or celebrities