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Full Body Character Commissions


Character Artist
As I've recently graduated and I'm currently job hunting, I'm opening up commissions to help myself out until I can land a job.

I specialize in full-body character designs of both anthros and humans, both SFW and NSFW

If you are interested,

Terms of Service

  • I reserve the right to decline commissions
  • The final piece of art is co-owned by myself and the commissioner
  • The commissioner can re-post the art, but if they do they must give credit back to me, the artist
  • I have the right to potentially use these commissions in my professional portfolio and/or website as samples of commission pieces
  • I highly prefer that commissioners have some form of reference of the character(s) that they would like to commission as it speeds along the process.
  • Prices shown here are before paypal's fees.
  • Work will only begin once I receive the payment via paypal
  • Once the commissioner approves the sketch, refunds are no longer allowed
  • You may request updates within reason.

I'm willing to draw male, female, human, and anthro, however complexity can result in minor price changes

I will not NOT draw:
  • Backgrounds
  • Blood and/or gore
  • NSFW of anyone under 18
  • Mecha/Robots