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Full body Freebies - 10 slots


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Full body Freebies - Closed (2/15 completed)

Hiya. I'm bored and would like to do some art for others. :) I've got ten slots for y'all so just go ahead and post a reference sheet (or even just a full-body image) below so I can see what your character looks like. Feel free to request a feral or anthro. These are going to be toony because toony is fun. :3


Anthro toony- https://www.furaffinity.net/view/12120496/
Feral toony - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11803266/

Just one character per person, please.

If you want to give a few specifics, you may. (I.e.: standing, sitting, michael jackson impersonation)

1. Toby Dingo -- Completed!
2. Jase -- Completed!
3. Antronach
4. Pepper
5. Kenji
6. Opal
7. Cedric
8. Rephru
9. Tobias
10. This Guy
11. Dr. Zebulon van Aarden
12. Musical Fox-Wolf
13. Deer - Picture not found - Message BlueHiccup
14. Cloudchaser
15. Sonow
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Both examples you linked really good If you want you can use Jase. His ref is in my sig. He is a DJ if you want any ideas on specifics though not sure how that would change his pose feel free to do what ever you want anthro style.


Can you do an anthro of my lion guy? I really love your style :D
Front: (NSFW tasteful. No flesh) http://i.imgur.com/ZZEASA1.jpg
Back: http://i.imgur.com/KOimUk2.jpg

sorry for the bad traditional refs. I'm not good at drawing felines xD
if you decide to do him, he wears leather pants and a street jacket. Has light blue eyes and is a white lion with black mane/body hair. Whatever pose inspires you!

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Damn, I might have missed out. :(

But If I haven't, yes please.


You can use that as a reference, and I would like it in Anthro Toony style please.

But would you be able to draw up a Wolf/Fox (a Folf) hybrid standing playing a guitar with musical notes all over him?

If so, please do.


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I wanted to thank everyone for posting. I'm going to add some more slots for those that missed the 10 mark.

I also wanted to apologize for not getting any done this past week! My family surprised me with a trip to Chicago with them and I had planned to get a lot done and posted. Unfortunately internet access at the hotel was $20 a day (holy cow!). So, I hope you can forgive me for not wanting to pay that fee. ^^; I hope to get these done as soon as possible, so I hope you all stay tuned!


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I'm going to add some more slots for those that missed the 10 mark.

That said, may I claim a spot now? I live in an iffy time zone (Australia) so I often miss the opportunity.

I'm searching for art of my new fursona, Oracle.
Xe is a genderless blue tiger with a crescent moon marking.
All I have at the moment is colored lineart, and I would love for xir to be properly drawn.

This is lineart that was made for xir, but the hair tuft bothers me a little as it covers the marking.
Here are the other two, the anthro looking too masculine here as xe is meant to be androgynous.

Overall the first image is much more refined and 'correct'.


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Wow those are fantastic. Can't wait to see the others.