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Full body sketch trade

Hey fuzzbutts! I would like to art trades a couple of different artists throughout now and the next two weeks to do some feral or semi anthro sketches. This will be the second part of the ref sheet that the owl have different forms. So think what would the OC looks like as a different animal.

This will be for personal, non commercial use, but keep in mind, I will be coloring them in.

I would like a different artist for each one. Just a variety of styles.

Gryphon (with part house cat)

Hippogriff (with part deer)

Feather Dragon or Wyvern



Enfeild (it’s a fox creature with arms wings and talons)

Wereowl (maybe, but I am not certain yet)

Let me know which animals you want to do! And if you have a suggest for another animal form that would love to sketch that would work great for this character. Let me know!

Post your examples below!

Drawing by me