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Full Color Avatars and chibbies

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Looks like you allready have your 3, but I'm gonna throw myself up anyway ^^ Something random Refs are in sig.
*edit!* If possible, something adult please^^

Thank you,
Zhiral Koriuga.
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If you have time would you draw me, I am a gold and purple dragoness
My stomach,chest,under my tail is purple, my eyes are green and I have medium to long brown hair
examples are on my FA..link in my sig
:3 can be in whatever pose or cloths you want
could you draw me? And... Yea, no mature please.. i'm just a cute little girly cheetah boy ^^
Dont forget the star spot on my left cheek please ^^

Im assuming you and Shukie are in cahoots, would you mind if I tossed you in that pic?
Feel the mighty power of my lazy.

Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.
can i have one?


Sadistic Bisexual.
Could you do a chibi of Gight?


Daring Air Pirate!
I have to chip in, too! Any chance of an avatar of Alex (see my SIG bar)?
Well this turned out allot diffrent then my origional intentions. They don't look chibbie like at all.. Lets just call it baybeh vision?


There ya go Sheba_Metaluna.

Sorry every one that was befor her. I have 2 more characters started. Bobby yours is almost finished too.