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Full colored art trade

For an exchange of zee arts, you will get a watercolored rendition of whatever you please.

All I ask for is a very good sketch, inked, or colored rendition of my bear fursona. I will give you quite a bit of freedom in this, meaning that if you have an idea for how to draw my fursona, I'll let you as long as it's within da rules.

1. No yiff. Nudity is fine.
2. No weird fetish stuff. Herms are okay but again, nudes.
3. I can draw gorey stuff to an extent but I don't wish to see it on my fursona.
4. My fursona is a chubby fat chick bear. It's slightly irritating to see skinny or slender renditions. If you cannot draw teh fat chicks, I have another character you can do. Just ask me.

Will take up to three, if slots are filled keep posting anyway! I can definitely do more when I'm finished or if I feel inspired!
1. Novaluna
2. Voodoowolf
3. lone_wolfe

Taking two more:

JUST A NOTE! Sketches will not be produced until late Sunday or Monday.
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I CAN draw chub, though not very well. What's the other character? I'll see if I can do that instead and if not, I'll try your bear. What species of bear, by the way?
The other character is the fursona I made up for my boyfriend, and really he's a skinny slightly muscular redhead and his fursona is a lion. The species of bear is a cinnamon colored black bear.

i can draw chubby furs =) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3504999/ (she's a bear/raccoon)
this is my character if you'd like to do a trade with me http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3504999/
I really like your art actually. I can give you an irl picture of me for reference for my weight cause it's not as much as the character you depicted if that helps.

Your second link was the same one, btw.


I can give you an irl picture of me for reference for my weight cause it's not as much as the character you depicted if that helps.

That would be very helpful for me too, actually.
Okay guys I put you on the list but I don't have my tablet with me at my fiance's house, I can produce some sketches on Sunday or Monday if you want to PM me with a description of what you want.

BTW Voodoowolf I put you on the list but I don't know if you wanna do it? I know I don't have colored stuff in my FA gallery atm but rest assured I do paint in OC.
i kinda want to see if i can draw you and your mate together.... we will see... its gonna be traditional work (probably uncolored) :D
Okay, I may just do basic color if yours is uncolored.

I don't know if I have a good reference of my mate I do have pictures of him and me and he's a lion fursona while I'm a bear. Maybe you could do a feral lion and bear cuddling or something? That could be cute.
i can do ferals alot bette than i can do anthros! lol. so that may be best... can i have the refs for your characters anyways...im gonna try and work on this after finals this week :D
The only drawn ref I have is in my gallery and it's the one with the theoretical baby, lol.

Anyway, I'm a cinnamon colored black bear and he's a lion with a red mane, sound fair enough? I've got hipster emo glasses and he's got thin oval ones if you wanna throw those on lol.