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FerAdami Lopes Adami

I do creatures and dreams
I'm open to fullbody commissions or characters creations ~
Price range for fullbody commission: US50 up to US100 acourding character details or scenery complexity ~
For character creations my prices are US50 up to US95, acourding character complexity and explorations
This kind of piece can be a reference sheet or just a regular fullbody ~

Accept mostly SFW pieces, for NSFW I prefer working with artistic nude and romantic themes. So, no porn/fetish, genital closes and things like this.

Here few examples of my work:
www.furaffinity.net: Thunder strike by feradami
www.furaffinity.net: Lazy day, play time ~ by feradami
www.furaffinity.net: KyBalion's summon by feradami
www.furaffinity.net: The priestess and her bird by feradami

Interested? Please leave a note or comment and we can talk more ;) <3

Thank you all for your time!​