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I'm looking for a couple things. First, a ferret fullsuit with digitigrade. ( milliesketches.deviantart.com: Millie ) There's more pics in my folders. Also waiting on a ref commision. I was looking for quotes under $900. I am 18 and under 5ft, 90lbs so material cost should be less than a regular one. I won't be commissioning right away because I need to save up unless it's a good payment plan.

I can offer art too as some payment but I sorta suck.

Also looking for and cheap partials or premade suits anyone wants to give away. Or just heads. Preferably feminine.

I'm just reallllly excited to be able to go suiting one day and make friends.

Mood: Excited :D


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if you go to 1000 we can make a ferret for you, we would defiantly need a ducttape dummy of you so we could make it properly since we're waaay bigger than you haha.... I would recommend a drop crotch before a digigrade, but it's all your preference. We do payment plans with a down deposit of 20% (about 200 dollars) So we can get all the supplies for you. then payment plans are arranged between us, message us on facebook so we can talk more quickly! www.facebook.com: Ashen Skies Creations