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Fun with tails!!!!


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ok so here is the thing I bought i tail a few months ago and I have a friend in my photography class (also a furry) that wanted to use me for a character portrait assignment and he asked me to bring my ears, tail and my collar... after class was over me and my group of friends went outside for lunch and some one in a passing car made a wolf howl at me... then today my other furry friend and I both brought our tails to school and put them on during photography we walked out of the school with them on at lunch.... I left my tail on for the rest of the day and had only positive comments from people.. one of my classmates came up to me and said, "ummm i think you know this allready but you have a tail"... *wags tail happily* I plan to wear my tail next week as well...it was fun !!!!! :D

I'll post pictures later...


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lol xD ... thats awesome, Our school was preforming the play "Harvey" which is about an invisable 6' White Rabbit and I was the "cashier". so I wore these bunny ears througout the whole thing.

btw, Whered you get the tail?


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I got my tail at an anime convention in Toronto... (anime north) It was $35 total and I absolutly love it to bits... the company i bought it from has a website if anyone want to check it out...

The company is NorthFur FX & Mascots
the site is www.northfur.ca

Its also says on the site that they will be at AnthroCon, in Pittsburgh, PA, June 26-29, 2008. Their website: http://www.anthrocon.org/

here are the pics of my tail... Yay *wags tail*


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i want a tail. :(

might try to order one sooner or later. :p


I am still working on my suit and tail. I could never wear it in town the kids in my town are evil. it would most defiantly get torn up.
You lucky you got a tail.

I really want one, but I'd be too shy to wear it in public. And I wouldn't be able to wear it around my house, till I move out. ^^;


I have two tails. Me and a friend of mine used to wear them in public, but now we don't. :( The only thing we had to worry about is getting funny looks, but that was part of the fun of going out with them on. Maybe I should start wearing them again...
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As much as I've thought about the idea, I don't like being too public about my furry-ness. The people who know about it I know understand it, and people tend to question things a lot where I live. It's a very social place in general, and I don't think I'd be big on stopping every 20 feet when walking somewhere to explain myself to random people (who probably wouldn't much understand anyway).
I'd love to sort of wander round wearing a real foxes tail, and then some fox glove s and ears that i can make but you wouldnt really get away with it here, youd get a lot of weird looks and probs beat up or somet. im not brave enough to go out looking like a furry. i dont even consider myself to be a proper furry, i just like the art, well the tasteful art, some of its just weird XD


Care to join me for a bit?
I want a tail! XDDDD and some ears would be nice...


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I'm going to be getting cat ears for my gf and myself when I go to the anime convention this July in LA. I'm really looking forward to all the neat stuff I can get