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Funky 2017


Galactic Overlord
So it's 2017.

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced Lycanrocs.

I fell in love with the midnight form.

So after 9 years of calling myself Funky, I finally have a character called Funky and is more of an actual fursona than an adopted character.

Valthero was cool and all, but he was more like a few aspects of me amplified. He's still a great character to me and I connect with him a lot, however Funky on the other hand I'm going to try my best and keep him as much like me as possible.

www.furaffinity.net: Funky the Lycanroc by funky3000

No bio written quite yet, but I plan on it when I make a ref sheet later on.

Oh yeah, and I've also improved on my art since I was last here, so that's a thing. <3