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Funny how my name lacks a capital letter on the main site


New Member
Because I sure as all hell didn't register it like that. I'm extremely anal about correct capitalization.

Also funny how I didn't notice it until now. Anyway, what to do, what to do... :(


Oh man, FINALLY someone who gets irritated by non-capitlized names. :p

I dunno if you could have an admin fix it?


Other main site users appear to have names with capitalizations. Are you sure you did not register your name with all lowercase letters? I will point a programmer to this thread for some research.


Oh, hey, if you do end up 'fixing' Cinos' name, could you maybe take off the _ at the end of mine? I registered way back when three character names weren't allowed, so I had to append something to the end of my handle.


Site Developer
I'm not exactly sure to which username you're referring.

FA actually has two - one is the username you entered when you were joining FA, and the other is the sort of a handle, generated off your username, which is your unique identifier to the system (it's actually your username stripped off some characters like underscores, and lowered in case).

We cannot change the latter, because it's how the system works, however we can change the former. i took a look at the raw data in the database, and it's stored in lowercase there. I also took a look at the registration code, and it doesn't lowercase usernames, so you must have inputted it in lowercase.

As far as i understood, you want this changed, so i'm going to do this for you now.

However, this change will not affect any comments you might have already posted, only the ones you will make in the future


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Oh, goodie. Correct name. :3

I'm positive I didn't register it in lower-case (I NEVER do with any usernames) but it doesn't matter since it's capitalized now, does it? ^^