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Funny shit you do when laughing




In the land of bipolar weather
Generally no sound comes out, or if some does it is generally just several high pitched squeaks. Other times when not laughing as much it will just sound like air exiting rapidly out my nose since air exits rapidly out my nose.

Ad Hoc

I have a lot of different laughs, depending on exactly how funny I find the situation. Most of them are basically normal.

However, every once in a while, hm. How to explain. You know when you get a fountain drink at a fast food joint or something? I make a sound like the drinking straw being slowly pulled up and down in the cap.


Sarcastic Lurker
If I'm eating when I start laughing it seems to make me unable to breathe or make any noise until I swallow my food. Laughing and being unable to breathe are not very conducive to swallowing and as a result I end up red-faced and crying silently with laughter until I can still myself enough to swallow.


If I just laugh briefly at something, I kinda sound like I'm coughing. :I
If I laugh really, really hard usually it kinda dies and I'm silently sitting there heaving and clapping all "xD" faced.

Grae Sparrowkin

Pale Red Coyote (Call me Yote)
Gigglesqueaking. I near-hyperventilate sometimes, resulting in a squeak.


I hide my mouth cause I'm afraid of my teeth.


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I duck my head down, make a trollface if something isnt that funny, but when it's halarious I make the same face as Unsilenced.
Sometimes I laugh like, 20 Dbs louder than everyone else, like I'm tryna shout it.


I actually laugh for 3 seconds after that i stop making the laughing noise but im still moving as if i am laughing...so it looks like i am vibrating...ouo

Sexto Gato

Among the Others
I laugh like I has asthma sometimes. Other times I giggle like a little girl or a rapist. I can't help myself in those situations. :<


Hai Thar.
Id like to point out two things that I do.

My dad had this weird one sided smile that he did really bad.
I have a similar way of smiling, yet its more subtle. Love it.

When I laugh I usually cover my mouth since I tend to smile really wide like a moron.
Also, when I laugh really hard, my eyes water like someone turned on a faucet.


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I hate laughing; first off, I sound like betty rubble, unless its really funny then I devolve into muttley. Sometimes do the muttley until i choke. Secondly, I used to have bad teeth but recently got them fixed, so covering my mouth bashful has become a trex stance like DD's.


I have a hyena's laugh normaly. That's part of the reason my fursona is a hyena.
I also snort when I giggle.


Sly Cooper be sexy
If something is really funny, I tend to hold my breath and bang my head on the nearest surface. If it is further funny there is a good chance I will actually ROFL.


100% organic vegan hubbas
i laugh really loud, like a donkey, and my face turns all red. also snorting, and maybe uncontrollable vomiting


Fundamentalist Heretic
I cackle like a comic book villain. Seriously.


Knight Of Time
Hoshit...I dunno where the hell to start XD

I laugh waaaay too much, and have quite the variety. Sometimes I can go from sounding like Johnny Cash belly laughing to my 10 year old sis giggling. Sometimes I just do the silent XD face, sometimes I am like Unsilenced, hell once I laughed so hard I couldn´t breath and I almost threw up. Gotta love watching stand up comedy when stoned XD

But mainly my normal laugh is like the general stoner sounding "heh heh heh".


Self-Imposed Tsar
I have too many laughs. >>'

It runs the gambit from giggles, chuckles, what my sister claims is an evil laugh (Which is my most common one), and then if something is hilariously funny I may laugh silently and forget to breathe. x:


the Benevolent
It depends, if it's somewhat funny, i'll smile/chuckle.

If it's brilliantly funny, i'll lean back in my chair, laughing, while clapping my hands/wrists together (Basically i'm clapping out of approval for the indiviudal(s) sense of humor, who created what i'm looking at).

If it's "wtf is this!?" funny, this is where I lose it. I can't stop laughing, I facepalm, continuing to laugh while saying "What the fuck." or "The fuck." (Though not because someone screwed up horribly, just because it's a reaction). I lean my head in really close to my monitor, desk, or keyboard as well, rocking back and forth with the motion. I've actually accidently slammed my head into my monitor once (Thankfully it was a CRT monitor at the time), because what I saw was so funny. I also have a very hard time saying anything, since i'm laughing so hard.
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Well, my laughs. Let's see here.

1. High-pitched giggle

2. Insane, rapid mad laugh.

3. I laugh all the air out of my lungs, the make a DOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUP sound when I breath in. Collapsing in the process. Needless to say I get teased about that laugh a lot.

4. Silent and suppressed, usually I fold up on the desk or off the desk.

Usually I find that for the last two, I either cover my face or make clapping motions with my hands.


catty bitch
I have a tendency to start with a bunch of little half giggle-snorts and then make a "pfaaaahh" sound. When I laugh too much I literally forget to breathe and sometimes end up coughing and laughing while my lungs and ribs feel like I'm stabbing them with love.
Then when those fits end, I make stupid noises and hiccup until I regain air.


I laugh at just about everything. I even laugh when nervous. And most the time I sound like a hyena mixed with little asian girl >:B