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Furaffinity Ideas / Updates



[2]Suggestions for furaffinity updates/changes

Alright time for ideas for furaffinity
Tbh this site needs a lot of work and I'm not trying to be rude or anything but it's like the moderators of this site don't take any kind of care or put any effort into this site based off of the things are found in red from other members it seems like the moderators actually don't care about certain things in this site. I'm not trying to bribe you to become a moderator of the side or anything but I'm just trying to provide more ideas for you moderators to actually get up and do something more with this site because I have a lot of ideas for this site that could make it better and all I need from you is for you guys as moderators to pay more attention to the site and have the motivation to update the site as much as you can to make it more convenient and comfortable for members to join and participate in the community more

Saving & Storaging
I think furaffinity should also have this tab or some subsite in the site where you're able to access submissions you've saved or just have Journal drafts. I think the same will be a whole lot better with this feature added. Also what does feature I think that even if you do upload something you're able to link it back to someone like here's an example
Ex: let's say someone made not safe for work but the clean version of it at least and they would like to link it back to you without having to post a separate version in their scraps or in their main gallery or anything because that's tiring

Cleaner Notifacations layout
I think the notifications could be sorted out in a cleaner way because the current way we have it is very messy and people aren't getting to reply to comments or anything else as fast as possible or as fast as they can because of how the layout is. Like I think that the shouts comments and replies should all be underneath one category titled feedback or something along those lines and then submissions would obviously be labeled underneath submissions or something like that or basically is some kind of layout that makes things go smoother so that everything isn't cluttered (ill make a layout idea for that later)

Differ between REPLIES and COMMENTS
We all can agree that replies in actual new comments on your work journals or anything else are different then actual replies to comments. So I wish for this to be changed so that new comments on your work journals and likes it excetera will be differentiated between how replies and comments work because they are different things and it's weird seeing that you get a new reply on your newest artwork

Customize profile / Your front page
I think I said this in the previous Journal but I'm just going to say it again just in case. I think that I should be able to customize how our profiles look like you're able to rearrange items and widgets on your profile like for me I have a problem with the Journal widget and words placed. Like if you don't want to have any Journal there then you can't post any kind of journal or you will have to make an unnecessary empty Journal and then make it so that that empty Journal which is very unnecessary to be featured and I do not want to have to do that and so do a lot of other people don't want to have that on their profile aswell.

Shout pages
I'm also going to State this herear because I just had the idea I'm not saying you should add it or anything but it's just good to us time ideas that you guys could use in the future for the site to better it. So I think that show pages should be added because there is some really important shouts people just want to keep but then if there are too many shouts on a person's page then that shout does infect get pushed down and deleted.
[H4]Shout pages idea 2[/h4]
Are this isn't really match-up that shout pages but it would be really cool if you guys also add and where say if you only want to have three shots on your page then you can have a little section your shouts widget to edit so that you're able to only show that amount of shouts

Also this idea relate to the other one below this and I also think that you should be able to edit shouts or delete shots from people's page

Longer edit comment openings
I'm speaking for everybody that wants this because the little comment openings where you're able to edit things is way too small and then nobody's going to want to have to reply to the tire comment again. I just think that the openings when you're editing comments should be larger. Maybe like for an hour or so or 24 hours like how other sites do it and then just leave the edit comment open so that you're able to edit it whatever time you want


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I want a forum section that's called
"The Hall of Solitude"

Forum trolls can be banished to the hall of solitude for no less than 35 new moons by the community.
They can only communicate amongst themselves. They also need to wear a dunces cap and be subject to no less than 40 lashes.


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Blacklist certain tags from the search and feed
A report option for submissions or users then having to bring up the layout and trouble ticket page


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To do all of this they would need to hire more programmers, which they seem completely unwilling to do.


I think this thread probably needs to be moved to the Site Discussion section.


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A way to filter out tags so you you can keep the mature setting on without the weird fetishes.

I'd love to have a personalized profile! Seriously even just being able to change the background color would be nice.

A better mobile site, it's hard to use as it is.


I want a forum section that's called
"The Hall of Solitude"

Forum trolls can be banished to the hall of solitude for no less than 35 new moons by the community.
They can only communicate amongst themselves. They also need to wear a dunces cap and be subject to no less than 40 lashes.


omg i didn't expect this thread to get feed back uvu
thanks to the people that liked my ideas and added more